Enhancing Your Physical Health Can Increase Financial Health

You know how the saying goes: “Health is wealth.” Well, according to one of the largest banks in the country, that’s actually true. Their findings showed that 81% of respondents felt that their goals were much easier to achieve when their finances were in order, with 70% of respondents stating that good financial health had a positive impact on their physical health. Because engaging in physical activities and fitness routines require you to also engage in emotional and mental training, it’s no wonder why finance experts recommend physical activity as a way to get your life in order, debt and money management included.

Combine Financial and Fitness Goals

Climbing out of debt often seems like an insurmountable mountain when you look at it as one big problem; the same goes for losing large amounts of weight or completely changing your eating habits. This is normal, and it’s something both fitness and finance experts recommend to avoid doing. Take large issues in small bites and set small, actionable goals that you know you can accomplish. In this regard, it helps to combine your fitness and financial goals in order to make them work together for you. Start by committing to being mindful, both of what you eat and what you buy. Then, get rid of clutter, both in your personal life and in your finances. Avoiding purchases that you know you don’t really need will help you begin to cultivate the same habits regarding unhealthy foods or costly supplements that are more harmful than they are good.

Decrease Stress to Increase Productivity

There’s no doubt that financial stress can lead to other health problems. In fact, 30% of Americans report to feeling “constantly” stressed out about money. What this type of stress does is prevent you from being able to effectively achieve goals and give 100% of your physical and emotional energy into doing your job, or jobs, adequately in order to pull yourself out of debt. Focusing on your physical health, therefore, can help with this problem as it is a great way to relieve stress, clear your head, and ensure that the financial pressure you feel isn’t damaging your body in irreparable ways. If you can focus on cultivating a semi-strict diet and exercise routine, you’ll find that organization carrying over into other areas of your life. Your body will feel great, your mind will be clear and you’ll be able to sit down, craft a budget and feel motivated to stick to it.

Optimizing Financial and Physical Health

Making an effort to organize your debt is easy when you learn how to optimize your spending habits, just as you would optimize your eating habits and exercise routine. Doing so will help ensure that your financial health is in just as good shape as your physical health, and seeing as both are directly related to each other, combining both goals into one is not only practical, but it’s a great way to build physical and mental strength that will carry over into every area of your life.

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Your Hobby Can Help You Out Of Financial Difficulty

A typical American household with credit card debt has an estimated $6,929 in money owed carried from one month to the next according to a NerdWallet’s annual analysis of U.S. household debt. This is the type of debt that comes with high interest rates and is difficult to pay off. If you cannot pay off your debts, a debt collector may either start legal proceedings against you or opt for arbitration. The agreement reached during arbitration may force you get a second job in order to pay off your credit card debt. Your hobby could be the second job you need to help you get debt relief.

Your hobby’s money making potential

One of the first things that will cross your mind is whether your hobby can help make you significant money. Search online and see how much other people sketching or drawing designs or making greeting cards or doing whatever your hobby is are making.  If your hobby is drawing faces, ask yourself how many face portraits you can draw a day and what type of face portraits are likely to sell. You may be very talented but only a few people appreciate that talent. Your hobby money making gig must not interfere with your normal work routine.

Believe in yourself

You cannot turn your hobby into a money making activity if you do not have faith in your skills.  Your customers need to be able to trust that you can do the job and do it right. Sometimes people who are really creative develop what is called impostor syndrome.  This syndrome basically means you feel like you are an inadequate and incompetent failure. You may start feeling that the people who really like the products you make only tell you they are great because they are either family or friends.  Have faith in your skills and your ability to make money off of those skills.

Use the internet

Go on websites like Craigslist.com to find people looking for the services you provide. You can also set up an ad for services on the same website. Don’t stop there, instead browse the internet to find blogs written by people who provide similar products or services you provide. Find out about the challenges they face and the new trends that can help you make more money through your hobby. Remember to start your own fun social media site that can help in lead generation, which will then act as a funnel to bring people to your website  so that they can buy what you sell.

As you pay down your debt, decrease your expenses on entertainment, cable, clothes, utility bills and more.  The money you save from this can then be added to the amount you save every month to pay off your loan.  Remember to stick to the debt settlement plan that was agreed on during the arbitration process because agreements made in arbitration are legally binding.

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