IAPDA Introduces an Important New Company Credential to Aid Consumers with Choosing the Best Debt Relief Company to Help with Their Unique Debt Situation

The International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators, a nationally recognized provider of debt relief certification programs, is proud to provide debt burdened consumers access to another online decision making tool to help them choose the best suited debt relief company.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) March 19, 2013
International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators (IAPDA), long the provider of the debt relief industry’s leading certification training programs is very pleased to lead the changing face of the consumer debt relief industry with an innovative new measurement tool for consumers.

IAPDA has recently introduced the IAPDA  Accredited Service Center accreditation. The company of qualified members can now display the IAPDA Accredited Service Center logo on their company website and marketing materials confirming their company’s overall level of participation in IAPDA education and certification programs.

Companies of members can qualify for this accreditation by committing to IAPDA training and certification of their key staff members. Levels of participation are determined by the number of company employees who complete IAPDA programs and attain certifications, including continuing education and re-certification every two years. Platinum level companies have over 100 currently certified IAPDA members, Gold level companies have 25-99 currently certified IAPDA members, Silver level companies have 10-24 currently certified IAPDA members and Bronze level companies have 2-9 currently certified IAPDA members.

Complete industry education and professional certification is more important than ever in the debt relief industry. IAPDA programs provide a standardized foundation for the debt consultant’s professional knowledge, as well as an objective measure by which consumers can judge the expert they turn to for help.

The consumer debt relief industry today is completely focused on the consumer, with debt professionals  who specialize in each debt relief option, credit counseling, consolidation loans, debt settlement and bankruptcy working in a new and collaborative environment.

Laurence Larose, IAPDA Executive Director says, “Consumers deserve to work with debt relief consultants who totally understand all the debt relief options available and who can effectively guide them back to a debt free life.” Leading company owners and top consumer debt experts agree. They heartily recognize and endorse the complete debt relief education and the certifications earned by IAPDA members.

Consumers, creditors, collectors  and legislators can effectively search the IAPDA member database online 24/7 by either a consultant’s name, company name or city to learn the current membership and certification status of all 3400+ IAPDA members.

Larose also says, “Companies often will try to deceive consumers by displaying the IAPDA member logo on their website suggesting that all of their consultants are IAPDA certified. Consumers can now easily verify this claim and see how many of a company’s staff members, if any, have received and maintain IAPDA debt relief training and certifications.”

About IADPA The International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators (IADPA) is the debt relief industry’s leading certification training programs. Established in 2000, they have graduated over 3,400 members, and offer online based training to both individuals seeking certification, and companies that want to certify their employees. Visit them online at http://www.iapda.org.


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