IAPDA adds important company credential for members

The IAPDA has introduced the Accredited Service Center credential that company’s with IAPDA currently certified members can participate in.

The IAPDA Accredited Service Center credential validates an organization’s level of commitment to staff training and certification, resulting in competitive differentiation and consumer confidence. It identifies organizations that employ a significant percentage of IAPDA certified customer service and debt negotiation staff.

IAPDA certifications establish a level of comfort with consumers, creditors/collectors and legislators. It shows that a company’s staff member has met important industry requirements by obtaining IAPDA certifications, recognized and trusted industry credentials.

IAPDA Accredited Service Centers have all commited to having their customer service and debt negotiation staff members obtain and maintain current IAPDA certification(s).

Each approved company will receive a special ASC seal in three sizes and the special code to install this on their website. When website visitors click on the seal a pop-up page will display this company’s program credentials.

Each participating company will have unique information displayed but all will include the company’s name, address, phone number, ASC ID and the company’s participation level in the IAPDA program by number of employees currently certified.

The IAPDA Accredited Service Center program establishes a level of confidence with consumers. It shows that the debt relief company has met industry training and certification standards by obtaining IAPDA certifications for their staff, recognized and trusted industry credentials.

Displaying the IAPDA Accredited Service Center seal demonstrates that the debt relief company and their employees take pride in their work, and are interested in advancing individual staff skill levels and the overall quality of their business operations.

Read more at: http://www.iapda.org/accreditedservicecenter.php


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