IAPDA announces new affiliate program

The IAPDA provides the leading professional training and certification program to the Debt Relief industry. IAPDA has graduated and certified over 3400 members since 2000. IAPDA Certified Debt Specialists and Certified Credit Counseling Specialists counsel debt burdened consumers on all debt relief options, debt settlement, credit counseling, debt consolidation loans and bankruptcy.

IAPDA announced a new affiliate marketing program today that provides an opportunity for internet marketing professionals to earn money on each new individual member that  they refer to IAPDA for training and certification. As part of this launch, we have also created an affiliate management system that makes it very easy to apply for an affiliate account, monitor conversions and receive payouts.

Our affiliate program pays our affiliate 10% on every dollar that the referred individual(s) pays in training and certification registration fees. There are no caps on earnings and the payouts get deposited directly into our affiliate’s PayPal account.

There are a number of sales tools that IAPDA is providing to our affiliates. This program can hold great earning potential for those internet marketers who wish to guide individuals seeking a career in Consumer Debt Relief to IAPDA for their complete training and certification.

IAPDA Certified Debt Specialists and Certified Credit Counseling Specialists are respected professionals in the Debt Relief Industry. Clients, creditors/collectors and collection attorneys all recognize the commitment of our members to training, certification and membership in the IAPDA. Leading Debt Relief professionals fully understand the value and the return received for their initial business investment in training, certification, and membership.

Full details at: http://www.iapda.org/affiliate.php

IAPDA Affiliate Team

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