Frequently Asked Questions


Below is a list of the questions that have been most frequently asked by those exploring our website and registering for the IAPDA Certified Debt Specialist (CDS) certification training program. Click each question for the answer.

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Q. Are the training programs completed online ?

A. Yes! The CDS certification training course is completed entirely online at your own pace, and the certification exam is submitted online when you are ready. In fact, we do not offer in-person training (it's impractical and unnecessary in this day and age.)

Q. How long does it take to complete the Certified Debt Specialist (CDS) training program?

A. The training course is completed entirely at your own pace, you will receive access to the training course materials at a password protected website and you have unlimited access. Most members take 1 - 2 weeks working part time to complete the certification training program and submit their certification exam but it can be completed much faster (as quickly as one half day of study) if desired, or much slower.

Q. What does registration in the training & certification program cost ?

A. Registration costs are for an individual staff member, discounts are based on the number of staff members with the company or group who register with a single payment transaction, we offer volume pricing and other discounts, please refer to our registration & pricing page for exact costs. IAPDA certifications are valid for two years with refresher training and 2 year re-certifications available at very low cost.

Q. Do you offer volume registration price discounts ?

A. Yes, please visit our registration page to request a volume discount quote, we also have a "Fairness in Pricing" policy and do not discount beyond our published volume discounts. This way all members can be sure they have received our best pricing.

Q. Can we add more members at a later date and still receive the volume price discounts ?

A. Volume discounts are available for all your staff members, volume discounts are limited to registrations for multiple members placed in a single transaction. Many companies will pre-purchase registrations to take advantage of volume pricing discounts, these do not expire and can be used at any future date.

Q. Do you provide support with certification ?

A. Yes, a lot, in fact. We provide all of the support you will ever need while you set up and grow your professional Debt Relief practice. To be honest, the training never stops.

Q. What is the passing grade for certification exam ?

A. The passing grade for IAPDA CDS exam is 70%

Q Is there a fee to re-write an exam ?

A. There is never a fee to re-write an exam and no limit to re-writes.

Q. Who can search the IAPDA Database of certified professionals ?

A. Anyone! Our database is searched by consumers who are researching Debt Relief, Collectors, Collection Attorneys and State & Federal legislators.

Q. What is an Accredited Service Center ?

The IAPDA Accredited Service Center credential validates an organization's level of commitment to staff training and certification, resulting in competitive differentiation and consumer confidence. It identifies organizations that employ a significant percentage of IAPDA certified sales, customer service and debt negotiation staff.

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