• IAPDA is the # 1 resource in the Consumer Debt Relief industry and our certification training programs are the industry gold standard with over 3600 debt relief professionals certified since 2000.
  • Providing leading training and certification programs for debt relief company staff members and individuals who are seeking a career in this growing segment of the financial services industry while providing important Debt Relief Company accreditation.
  • IAPDA is also the place where consumers seeking debt relief can research the education and qualifications of those companies and individuals who are providing services.
  • Consumers should only work with IAPDA Accredited Service Centers and their Trained & Certified Professionals.


Company Owners & Managers

With new compliance rules and scrutiny getting your consultants certified gives your company an important competitive advantage!
IAPDA gives leading debt relief companies the opportunity to have their employees trained,
tested, certified and added to the only online
database searchable by legislators and consumers.

The IAPDA brand is over fourteen years old, and is recognized as the leader (by far) in debt relief training, testing and certification.
We offer companies multi-employee discounts
& registration options, certifying your staff is
simple and cost effective.

Individual Consultants

A career opportunity that you have been looking for!
IAPDA certification affords you the chance to get in on the ground floor of a professional, financial services industry that is rapidly growing due to strong consumer need. You will provide a financial service that helps millions of consumers.

IAPDA training, certifications and membership will open doors for you, and allow you to practice your profession either on your own, or give you an important credential for your resume.

IAPDA certifications and membership will benefit you for the rest of your professional life.

Consumers seeking Debt Relief

IAPDA provides the only online directory of certified Debt Relief Professionals, their debt relief company and the city they are based in.
Consumers, Creditors, Collectors & Legislators search our member database to locate currently certified IAPDA members.

Certified Members have successfully completed the most recent version of the IAPDA training materials and certification exams, they are current with all industry practices, procedures and regulations and are totally equipped to professionally represent their consumer clients.

Managers, why certify your company staff members?

The simple answer is that to remain as competitive as possible today, your company staff members must be certified and stay certified. The bar has been raised in the consumer debt relief world and consumers, creditors, collectors and legislators are now taking additional steps to ensure that they are working with the most skilled and knowledgeable individuals in the business. Professional certifications from IAPDA offer them another screening tool -- one that has the backing and credibility of the leading professional training and certification body in the consumer debt relief industry today.

Every professional requires specialized skills. Not everyone knows that your company consultants have those skills. In short, certification is an investment in your company’s success, your livelihood, your future.