Our Referral Program Pays 10% on

every Certification Registration!

Here's how to get started!

Our referral program is free to join, it's easy to sign-up and requires no technical knowledge

All you need is a web site, a Twitter account, a Facebook account or any other social media account where you can put your referral/affiliate link or you can email your referral/affiliate link to your business network.

How Does It Work?
When you join our referral/affiliate program, you will be supplied with a range of banners and textual links that you place within your website, Twitter account, Facebook account or email. When a user clicks on one of your links, they will be brought to our website and their activity will be tracked by our affiliate software. You will earn a commission for every registration via your link.

Real-Time Statistics and Reporting!
Login 24 hours a day to check your registrations, traffic, account balance and see how your banners are performing.

Program Details
Commission Type
*Pay-Per-New Registration 10% for each registration you refer.
Payout Requirements
$100.00 USD - Minimum balance required for payout.
Payout Duration
Payments are made once per month, for the previous month.

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* Program, pricing specifications and availability subject to change without notice. All certifications registered under these special offers are subject to IAPDA's General Terms and Conditions of Service.

The recommending referral partner will not receive a commission if the recommended friend or colleague has been an IAPDA certified member in the past 1 year.

IAPDA reserves the right to reclaim any commissions paid for products with a minimum term of less than 12 months.

IAPDA reserves the right to adjust the nature of referral rewards and the point at which they are paid for individual products at any time.IAPDA reserves the right to make any changes to its referral rewards program at any time.